Reinventing the meaning of work. 

Reinventing the meaning of work. We are not put on earth to pay bills. We were put here to do something special with our lives. At Weavad, we believe in creating a work environment which allows & empowers individuals by providing a purpose-driven platform to collaborate on ideas, share their vision and design their future. Our economic values derive from this positive change. Weavad was initiated from that ‘Eureka’ moment of realization about the unfair rules of the traditional creative industry, where extra-hour shifts, unreasonable pay and job dissatisfaction became a normal trend. In this digital era, artificial intelligence and machine learning have already taken over many jobs. But the shine of creativity has not eroded. Creativity has become an expensive commodity. With this understanding and conversations with many, I wanted to develop a platform with a team of like-minded people to foster visionary people, allocate digital resources and create a community through collaborations. This early stage start-up was born from the concept to replace the soul-crushing traditional work industry formats to build a new lifestyle where there are no unsatisfying and unpaid works but only translations of dreams into realities.


This is the story of WEAVAD.

The vision behind WEAVAD.