Wonder why weavad

Let us tell you the story behind WEAVAD.


This is the beginning of an early stage startup and a collateral journey. 
As a young adult I, Jan Philipp was often called to my mind what work is going to look like, you may relate:
„Only those in college will become successful.
I will become an economist or lawyer to soon make decent returns“
If you are deeply passionated becoming a doctor or lawyer for a long time than do so! It’s the right thing to do, it’s your “purpose-driven priority.” 
Don’t get it wrong! I am not telling you to throw everything over board. Constant education is necessary to not stand and to develop ideas and pursue your dreams in the first place. The small difference is to work on YOUR dreams and OWN developments instead of following our initial though we are often used to live up to expectations, ending up working for a boss we can’t identify with.
Do not waste time and money on unsatisfying work and society’s ideals. 
When people look back on their lives, it is the things they have not done that generates the greatest regret. I began college studying business with so many thought in my head after coming home from an incredible adventure abroad. I was unsure where my path would lead me but he one thing I knew was my passion for visual creations which eventually turn into something extraordinary? 

“Passion for something leads to disproportionate time practicing or working at it. That time spent eventually translates to skill, and when skill improves, results improve. Better results generally lead to more enjoyment, and more passion and more time is invested. It can be a virtuous cycle all the way to extraordinary results.”


After working at the Swiss biggest bank earning work experience I realised what it feels like to be treated as a number of employees, working over hours at the weekends, worried about facing short-term employment and uncertain future generated by machine learning, automation and Artificial Intelligence.
A vision was born which did not let me go since.
At this turning point after pursuing my initial thought for as long as possible WEAVAD needed a team of diverse people being better than just good in areas they were passionate about. Now as a team we pursued on WEAVAD‘s future all day and night and it quickly became the center of our thoughts and daily routines.
“Your next step is simple. You are the first domino.”
With a clear vision of where we want to stand within the next year we evolved the company constantly asking the same question every day:
„What is the ONE thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?“
We were sure to reshape creative collaborations so everyone would be able to work on their own ideas collaborating with people around the world sharing equal stories and visions. We are working on WEAVAD to bring back happiness and passion into a fast-moving and unfair world, creating new experiences with clients and friends, replacing the old meaning of office work.

Your weavad team

To operate and grow the company in the best way possible we combine a diverse team of hard-working people believing in WEAVAD’s vision.
Welcome to WEAVAD, bringing back creative passion to your life.

Oberbergstrasse 91d
6390 Engelberg CH